Lenoir Emergency Outreach Shelter

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About LEOS

What is LEOS? LEOS is a full time emergency year-round shelter.  We are a place where individuals and families that do not have an adequate place of shelter can come.  There are shower facilities, a laundry room, kitchen and dining along with common living spaces.  We will provide goal plans for all our residents, helping them to transition from homelessness back to an independent life.

Where is LEOS located? LEOS is located at 1129 West Ave.  This is on the same street as the Lenoir Police Department.  Drive down West Ave, after you past Willow Street, we are the second building. It is a beautiful gray building with a red door.

Who does LEOS serve? LEOS provides a place for men, women and children to stay.  We will serve Caldwell County residents.  There is separate living quarters for men, women and children.

When is LEOS open?  Intake at LEOS begins at 3:30pm.  Doors closer each evening at 8pm. Residents leave by 9:00am to seek employment, work or complete other steps on their goal plans.

How does LEOS operate? The shelter will be volunteer-run, with the support of a Shelter Coordinator.  Volunteers are responsible for the workings of the shelter in the afternoon during intake and overnight. Residents of the shelter are held responsible to do chores and the housekeeping of the shelter.  This is their home and we expect them to help. The shelter is operated by 34 volunteer hours each day!  We say thank you everyday to our volunteer army, interested in joining are volunteer army, contact the shelter at 828-726-3634 or email [email protected]?